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How can you get involved?
Simply return your recovered refrigerants to Patton, Recovery Trust’s contracted collection providers. This can either be in person if you are located close to one of their nine locations, or via the Trust’s free courier transfer service.  Patton will record the weight of refrigerants received. The bounty payment will be made by the Trust. 

To maximise your recovery opportunity and the efficiency of our collection network, we recommend you accumulate the recovered refrigerants to a minimum of 10kg, wherever practical.
We will accept mixed refrigerants.  However please note:  if there is an excessive amount of non-synthetic refrigerant within your cylinder, we will still accept and destroy the refrigerants, but you will not receive the $15/kg bounty. 

If you have bulk recovered or virgin refrigerants (in excess of 500 kilograms) please contact us directly for our bulk Refrigerant Buy-Back rates.

For more information, please contact Janine Brinsdon - Chief Executive, Trust for the Destruction of Synthetic Refrigerants, m: 021 337 870,

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