Automotive Right to Repair Law Another Step Closer

After years of AAAA campaigning the draft Mandatory Auto Service and Repair Data Sharing Law has arrived. What was once considered the impossible is now here - we achieved this incredible milestone through hard work, persistence and by working together. 

It is remarkable that we have been able to keep up the pressure despite the hardships of 2020.  We have an incredible team here at AAAA, and all of us simply refused to let a global pandemic get in the way of our relentless campaign for fair and open competition.  We just kept going, finding new ways to raise the issue and I thank the members for stepping up in 2020 with letters and MP visits continuing whenever we were able to do so.

We will undertake a full review of this draft legislation – make sure that there are no gaps that the car industry can drive through.  But some early observations are that we are pretty happy with it and what is interesting is there is an incredibly short consultation period – it ends on 31 January and no extensions are to be granted.  It will then go to Parliament and it becomes law in July 2022.  The penalties for non-compliance are in the $millions and I know that you will all be pleased that the term ‘fair and reasonable’ price is very carefully defined with international and Australian benchmarks.  We have more work to do to analyse this draft – but lets all go to the summer break with an enormous and incredible sense of pride and achievement.  Against all odds we have a draft Law.  This is an amazing day.

Congratulations to all of our members for your hard work and your faith in us. 

Stuart Charity 
Chief Executive Officer  
Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association  



It is critical that we, as an industry, become the architects of our collective destiny.  With your intellectual and financial support, we will grow so that we ultimately make our members more successful.