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As an industry, we need to be actively involved in how our future technicians are trained.  We also need to elevate the standing of our industry, to ensure that it is well valued and has a respected and sought after voice.  We want highly qualified and highly motivated young men and women flocking to the trade – not being pushed into it. The polytechnics and other training providers have encouraged the establishment of an industry group that they can liaise with, to develop the structure and delivery of industry training.   In addition, employers and industries must become more proactive owing to the possible disestablishment of ITO’s (MITO) as a result of the current Government review. A top down approach from industry bodies such as the NZAE, is critical. And here we are and hence our approach to you today. Our objectives are as follow:


  • To represent the views and interests of members and other entities involved in the Auto Electrical Industry.

  • To ensure that centralised Automotive Electrical Engineer tertiary and apprentice training reflects current and future needs.

  • To be a strategic entity for lobbying and industry representation.

  • To work with suppliers, manufacturers and training suppliers to facilitate and support upskilling of all staff.

  • To liaise with suppliers, manufacturers, members and others to provide information on future technologies.

  • To develop tools for career advisers, schools, etc to promote our industry to those evaluating new careers.

  • To improve the awareness and profile of the Automotive Electrical Industry through united brand awareness and promotion.

  • To develop initiatives that will support the growth of our industry.

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