The New Zealand Auto Electrical Group “NZAE” was established in August 2018 to elevate the standing of the Automotive Electrical Industry, to ensure that Tertiary and Apprentice training reflected our current and future needs and to assist with the success of member businesses.  The catalyst for the establishment of NZAE was twofold.  


Firstly, the combination of increasing pressure on auto electrical businesses resulting from the shortage of qualified technicians, outdated delivery and a loss of faith in apprentice training.  Secondly, the automotive landscape is technologically evolving at ever increasing speeds as manufacturers seek longer lasting, safer, more efficient and environmentally sustainable vehicles, plant and machinery.  Electric vehicles are here now.  Robotic and remotely operated vehicles are off the drawing boards and being tested.  And with petrol vehicle numbers on the decline, the demands on and skills required of an Auto Electrical Engineer, are on the up.     


Over the past five years, MITO has been attempting to update the Automotive Electrical apprenticeship framework in Auto Electrical trade training level 4 & 5.  Several business owners, suppliers and Auto Electrical Engineers, have been driving this process in the absence of an industry body that MITO could liaise with.  Recently, seven Polytechnic Institutes combined to develop a collaborative approach to automotive training and formed Automotive Engineering Training Solutions New Zealand “AETSNZ”.  As of 2019, these polytechnics offer a current and fit for purpose Automotive Electrical level 4 NZQA accredited qualification.  This qualification is based on a Google classroom format and is supported by CDX automotive training material.  This offers students a dynamic interactive platform, doing away with the old books and material written in 1994.  Initial feedback from apprentices enrolled in the new qualification, is very encouraging.